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    Butterfly Walk

On-site Activities

Bushwillow is located in Kuleni Game Park, four habitats all woven into one: sandforest, wetlands, grasslands and bushveld. We offer specialist, unique activities which you can enjoy early morning or in the evening before or after your evening meal.

Guided Bush Walk

Head out on a guided walk through the sand forest and woodlands of Kuleni Game Park that surround Bushwillow.  The walks covers a broad range of topics relating to the plants, animals and ecology of the area.  This is an excellent opportunity to get up close to a variety of plains game animals such as Giraffe, Kudu and Nyala.  You will also have a good chance to see many colourful and uncommon birds like African Broadbill and Narina Trogon. 


Bird Watching

Bushwillow is a "Birder Friendly Establishment". For the bird enthusiast, Northern Zululand offers many 'lifers'. With almost 600 species, 29 Red Data species and a number of other special birds, the bird watcher will hardly have chance to put his/her binoculars down. A bird guide can help facilitate and enhance this experience in different biomes close to Bushwillow. During the winter months some of our birds migrate northwards, but there are still many good birds to be seen, and those with patience will be duly rewarded.

Pisauridae - Euprosthenops sp. - Funnel-web Pisaurid - Kuleni

Evening Spider & Scorpion Walk

Don't be put off by the name of this activity! This activity is offered in the evenings at Kuleni, where Bushwillow is located and is a great way to learn about the fascinating world of spiders, scorpions, and nocturnal animals. This safari is not meant to be scientific, but rather fun and educational. Learn about all things nocturnal in a safe and enjoyable way.  This is a truly different bush experience!

  • Duration: 1.5 hours
  • Cost: R280 per person, Children under 12 R120

Practical Plants and their Uses

Learn about the medicinal, nutritional and practical uses of some of the local trees and shrubs. Learn to recognise these important plants in an interesting and enjoyable way. You will be taking a walk through sub-tropical Sand Forest, which supports some of Southern Africa’s most diverse plant communities. Use the senses – Touch, Taste and Feel. Guests come back feeling enriched with the experience.


Stargazing at Bushwillow Collection within Kuleni Game Park


Spend some time learning about the night skies, from the comfort of a chair or a comfy blanket whilst sipping on a warm drink. We cover the well-known Constellations, Stars and Planets that are visible at the time. We discuss other interesting celestial objects like the Jewel box, Magellanic Clouds, shooting stars, the Ecliptic etc.


Please Note

Bushwillow will endeavour at all times to facilitate your experience whilst you are on holiday. We are happy to assist in making enquiries and bookings but it should be understood that Bushwillow takes no responsibility if the activity does not meet your expectation or has to be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, etc.

If there are any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact bookings@bushwillow.com