Posted by Jana on Fri April 10, 2015 in Fun Fact Friday.

Did you know a pineapple takes up to 18 months to reach full maturation?

Not many people know that a pineapple takes up to 18 months to reach full maturation. It grows best in temperatures between 15°C to 30°C. To ensure they are picked at their peak of maturity for ripeness and flavour, the sugar content of the pineapple is tested out in the field using a refractometer (a device for measuring the refractive index of the fruit). 
The plant grows about 90cm tall. It bears 30 to 40 stiff, sword-shaped waxy leaves clustered tightly around a thick fleshy stem.

In Hluhluwe, South Africa the suckers are planted and picked by manual labour. The plants require a well-drained subsurface soil and regular fertilization. The sandy soils in Hluhluwe are perfect for pineapple production and the Hluhluwe farmers are proud of their sweet, juicy pineapples!

Stay at Bushwillow Collection to sample the pineapples. On your arrival, you shall be welcomed with a refreshing glass of fresh juice. If you stay at our Lodge, we try to incorporate pineapple recipes regularly, whether it be during breakfast or a 3-course evening meal. We welcome any new pineapple recipes!


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